Linea Equipment Screens




Five equipment screens totaling 246 lf.

A stunning building façade limited the choices for panel materials.  White R-Panels were utilized to  hide the equipment while the screens effectively disappear into the sky beyond.

24 Hour ER

57 lf of screen.

The project challenge was to reduce visibility of the rooftop equipment, while keeping the architectural building profile.  Vertical R-panels mimic the building roof panels for a low visual impact.

Oak Springs Elementary

280 lf of screens

Fields of ground mounted condensing units required open-air 238 Louver panels for proper air flow. Extended screen height, tight connection spacing, and lockable gates protect the equipment from vandalism and protect the students from injury.

Love Field

132 lf of screening.

Close proximity of the perimeter screening to the rooftop units required the use of open-air louvered panels.  Placement of access openings were hidden by facing them toward the center of the building.  Type 238 Louver panels were used for a beautiful visual impact.

Parker Square

245 lf of screens

The building designers looked for a screen design that echoed the building shape.  Diagonal joints and steel coordination were used to accomplish a design to meet everyone’s needs.  Construction is slated for early 2018.

Southwest Parkway

150 lf of screens

Silver Metallic Corrugated Panels were installed for the screens on this tall office building in Austin, TX.  Wind loads at the location were taken into account.  Further obstacles from ductwork and access led to a minimal layout – meeting the requirements of building code and the building designers.


A single screen around two RTU’s at each location.

Skylights in the roof, widely spaced equipment, and varying equipment heights resulted in a screen design that had to fit some tight parameters.  Vertical R-panels with darker colors are used to fit the south western color palettes for each store.

Christian Care Center

4 equipment screens, for 246 total lf of screening.

Various roof levels and roadside sightlines required flexibility to meet city codes.  Many screens on this project hide multiple types of equipment.  Horizontal R-Panels were used to hide the screens within the terraced roof lines.


La Frontera

360 lf of screening.

The size and placement of the mechanical equipment demanded a combination of unit-supported screen and equipment screen attached to structural steel.