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Equipment Screens & Walls: Products & Solutions

Equipment Screen Products

Linea Screen is revolutionizing mechanical screens with its cutting-edge rooftop screens. Linea’s products are made from heavy gauge galvanized, which outperforms traditional roof HVAC screens. Linea makes it easier for businesses in high-risk areas to protect their investments without worrying about traditional HVAC screens deteriorating over time due to natural elements.

Rooftop Screen Walls

Wall Panel Types

When it comes to wall panel types, vertical and horizontal panels are two of the most common. Vertical options include metal that span from the floor to the ceiling and help make the building look much more refined. Horizontal panels can also be found in a range of materials, colors, and textures, and when used with vertical panels, it adds more depth to the overall design. Plus, both vertical and horizontal panels typically come with added benefits such as noise reduction or insulation, making them highly sought-after by builders.


Vertical Patterns


Horizontal Patterns

Our solid metal panels are made in a wide range of colors. Align them horizontally or vertically to match the visual lines of your building. With open-air louvers, mechanical equipment can operate properly while being protected from damage and vandalism.

We could add more about the paneling materials, coatings, life expectancy here. Just not making those changes, yet.

Corrugated Panels

The main advantage of corrugated panels is that they are strong and lightweight. They can also be curved or bent into various attractive configurations, making them a favored choice for architectural enclosures. In addition to their versatility and strength, corrugated panels offer excellent resistance against wind-induced failure and fracturing under dynamic loading conditions, making them the go-to solution for reliable construction solutions.

Why Use Screen Walls for a Rooftop

Open Air Louvers

Open air louvers are an innovative and economical solution for controlling airflows. Vertical and horizontal panels hinged together create a louvers barrier between the interior areas of a building or structure and outside environments. They efficiently combat pollution from the external environment by allowing fresh air to pass through while keeping dust, dirt, and other contaminants out. The vertical panels on open air louvers also help create a sought-after sense of privacy while providing adequate commercial and industrial ventilation. Open air louvers offer an ideal way to regulate temperatures and maintain constant airflow inside a building, no matter what the weather conditions are outdoors.

Sound Block Panels

Sound absorbing panels are designed for your local sound criteria, meeting noise requirements at the equipment or at the property line. Sound reduction options are available to reduce sound levels up to 12 dB at street level.


How Linea Screens & Walls are Built

Textures, colors, shapes, and designs are all customized to create the look you want. Nearly any material can be used as screening. Work with our design team to define that look and to coordinate with the building structure and equipment.


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We pride ourselves on our quality products and attention to detail, so you can trust Linea Screen to provide you with durable, long-lasting solutions. Our prices are competitive and our customer service second-to-none. Contact us today for a free quote to find out how Linea Screen can meet your needs! You’ll be glad you did!