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Mechanical & Equipment Screen Wall Applications

Mechanical & Equipment screen wall applications are essential components of a cohesive security solution. Their purpose is to provide a barrier between secure areas and potentially hazardous locations while meeting the safety requirements of personnel accessing such places. Not only do these walls offer protection, but they also help ensure the integrity of valuable equipment that may be behind them. Depending on the risk, the walls are designed in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. Still, all should meet necessary fire codes and be corrosion-resistant when placed outdoors or in damp environments. With proper installation, these walls can help keep people and property safe while providing an aesthetically pleasing solution.

Mechanical Equipment Screen Wall Applications
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Rooftop Screen Walls

Rooftop screen walls, also known as lattice walls, are an increasingly popular design choice for many commercial buildings. A great way to simultaneously maximize outdoor experiences and privacy, these walls provide a buffer while allowing natural light to filter through. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also structurally sound, offering an extra layer of protection against wind and weather conditions. Their lightweight frames make them easy to install and maintain as well. These walls can add a touch of modern appeal to any outdoor area, whether entertaining guests or enhancing one’s view of the surrounding landscape.

Mechanical Screen Walls

Mechanical Screen Walls

Mechanical screen walls are an excellent way to protect the outside of a business from wind, adverse weather conditions, and debris. They are crafted from flexible metal such as bronze, aluminum, or thin steel plates that can be adjusted to fit any size or shape necessary. These walls not only offer protection but also provide privacy, reduce noise coming in from the outside and increase energy efficiency for the building.

HVAC Screen Walls

HVAC Screen Walls

HVAC screen walls are a great way to add privacy and safety to any property. They provide an extra layer of security while allowing those inside the wall to enjoy views, air circulation, and natural light. Additionally, HVAC screen walls can give off an aesthetic quality that many appreciate. HVAC screen walls have become increasingly popular for small and large properties alike for their variety of advantages.


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